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Upgrades & Repairs (Computer Sales)


Is your machine running slowly? You may be in the situation where your machine is not running to it's optimum level but you have only had it for a few years. It may be time to think about upgrading your existing machine instead of buying a new machine. It takes very little time to upgrade the memory on a computer and the benefits will be instant. Your machine will respond much more quickly and you will be able to run more applications and open windows at the same time.

Upgrading the optical drive (CDROM or DVD) can save you hundreds of pounds compared to the cost of a new computer and will allow you to burn using the lastest format and media. Alternatively if you wish to store all your family photos on your computer for easy viewing and emailing to friends then upgrading your storage capacity can cost much less than you imagine.

Contact us to arrange an assessment of your PC or laptop and arrange for an experienced hardware engineer to fit the new hardware for you.


Computers can go wrong at the most inconvenient moment, it may just decide not to turn on one morning, turn itself off while your in the middle of doing something or may become unreliable. It may be your CD writer no longer works and you really need to backup those latest photos, you took on holiday last week.

Most PC failures can be repaired for much less money than you think, and certainly less than the cost of buying a new computer.  We can diagnose the fault quickly and repair the damage so that you're back up and working without the need to reinstall software and all your files exactly where you saved them.

If the fault is more serious and a repair isn't economical then we can still assist in supplying new hardware and transfering all your files from your old computer. We can also configure your new computer so you can just enjoy your new fully operational computer and not worry about spending hours of frustration getting it working with your existing Internet or peripheral devices.