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Computer Hardware (Computer Sales)

Computer Hardware

We supply a range of new and used hardware to meet your individual computing needs. We listen to your requirements and offer you the most suitable products from the leading hardware manufacturers. Such computers can come with up to a 3 years warrenty and can be excellent value for both home or business, backed by the knowledge that your computer has been factory assembled, tested and supported both by us and some of the most reputable manufactuers in the market today.

Custom Built Computers

We can also offer to build a computer that meets your specific needs and requirments using the most up-to-date components, which are supplied at a competitive price.  Custom built computers can be used for basic computing solutions offering a cost effective package where cutting edge computing power is not required. Custom built computer systems give you the flexibility to choose in which parts of the computer you want to use the latest technology, such as the latest CPU or hard drive, and in which components you prefer to enjoy cost savings, as you don't always require the biggest and best currently available. Custom built systems are built to order using components from quality manufacturers and all systems are fully warranted for a minimum of 12 months. Please contact us for further details about custom built machines.


Portable computers are becoming increasingly more popular for business users who want the flexibility of taking their work and emails home in the evening or while away and home users who want a computer which requires the minimal storage space. Modern laptops are also very reasonably priced and fully equiped with all the latest technologies. Laptops are a growing area of our business and as with all other products we sell, we only source from quality manufacturers.